Letter to Biden

by Rev. Bookburn

Hey Joe,

I read with interest your statement about wanting to earn the votes of Bernie Sanders supporters. I think I can help. It's a tall order but it can be done. Yes, there are many emotions that are part of the picture. True, many of your supporters sounded like Trumpers/ Fox "News" goons when they pushed the myth of "Bernie Bros." However, all of those problems can be fixed.

For starters, you need to do what was demanded of Bernie: reign in your hardcore spokesbots. That is also a tall order, but I have an idea.

You can start with a lone nut who is a total psycho: Nancy Mergatroyd. Think of it as practice. If it doesn't go well, she's likely to harass, stalk and set up fake pages and social media accounts. However, few humans care what she thinks about anything and fewer can stand her at all. Plus your people will get some entertainment from her stupidity and pathetic quality of writing. Once you try to reign in this batshit crazy person, you'll be ready for higher stake challenges.

As you work your way up, remember that the goal is to get through to the ultimate rectal openings: Neera Tanden and Tom Perez. They will tell you that you must not remotely sound like Bernie or anyone else who is not a piece of purchased corporate property. They are wrong.

Obama was elected because he effectively created a fake progressive brand. He also had the advantage of emerging during a crisis: the economic crash caused by Bush and Congressional Republicans ...policies that were rubber stamped by corporate Democrats. Hillary lost to a crazy, idiotic Nazi because she was obviously Republican-Lite. You need an entirely different approach.

You can present your newfound humanity as something that occurred as the pandemic struck. You were also horrified by the insanity of Trump and several governors, in response to the crisis. You realized that being a useless moderate who represented no significant change was not the way to go. The pandemic caused you to realize the necessity of Medicare For All, Green New Deal, economic justice, full reproductive rights, and an agenda that prioritizes the well- being of the American people. Bernie can help you with all of that. In fact, he would be an ideal VP. The other potential choices are pitiful. Plus it would make your safety a sure thing. Every psycho, from centrists to the far right, would be sure to restrain themselves from attempting to harm you.

Then you can take the next step. In addition to taking better positions on the big issues... really stand for such positive changes. Perez and other clowns will whine that the billionaires won't like it. You can respond to such silliness like a patient teacher who explains that while we love pleasing our corporate masters, we must assure the future survival of the nation. And the wealthiest will benefit too. In safeguarding the survival of the nation, they will continue to have a nation to devour.

This is a winnable plan. You won't even need to improve your public speaking skills. You will be able to defeat the orange idiot who is currently in the White House.

If you begin this winnable course, I'll help you with the big bad "Bernie Bros."

So....... do we have a deal?

Rev. Bookburn

Radio Volta

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