Trusting A Hate Machine

by Reverend Bookburn

A friend asked a great question: which is worse - a total asshole hating you, or liking you? Nancy Mergatroyd's acts of harassment, stalking and sabotage revealed to me the importance of recognizing when someone becomes a vicious psycho. It also highlighted the need to end trust and move on in situations like these. Her self-image of being a reasonable person who could be negotiated with never existed. After rightfully being called out for her actions, the sabotage was immediate. Fortunately, she was blocked as much as possible. Otherwise, it would have been worse. Being a jihadist, she predictably began the fake page.

The takeaway is to know as much as possible when an abusive person cannot be trusted and taking steps to make necessary changes. People can always say 'look what I'm doing for you.' It could be someone being supportive and nice. It could also be a disturbed parasite doing it for whatever controlling or other motives may be lurking in their heads. When I was on facebook, several contacts were baited and harassed by Nancy Mergatroyd. In the Twitter times a few years later, I wrongly thought she couldn't possibly be that ridiculous again. She was much worse. I had ignored many significant signs. When I was mysteriously deleted from facebook on my birthday, Nancy continued to be an administrator on the public Reverend Bookburn page. I had no access to it. The spamming began, which even included posting a picture of herself in a cowboy hat. This was all in my name and without consent. It gets worse. Then she pretended to be me and posted "Hey Bookburners - check out my friend Nancy's..." I foolishly chose to even overlook that.

My descriptions of Nancy Mergatroyd have been factual and accurate, arguably understatements. I do not for one second regret defending others from harassment and stalking. She has long been an asshole regarding boundaries, peoples' personal information, and being a jihadist. People from her past know this. We learned the hard way the risks of subjecting new friends to the psycho-in-training. She is used to passivity and silence. She is definitely not used to getting what she gives. She laughably called other women "gross," then freaked out upon reading a humorous and accurate response.

No one I know insults anyone due to looks or size. When assholes like Chris Christie calls someone fat, or trump calls someone a liar, the comedy falls on your lap. An abusive asshole who is the embodiment of the word s/he is using is even funnier when they react to a response. Nancy would be wise to refrain from using words like gross, liar, idiot, or piss-poor writer. For someone who throws around the word "misogynist," she may want to assess how she speaks of other women. For someone who even more recklessly throws around the word "nazi," she would be wise to review when she was called out by women of color for her racism on Tumblr.

I am more opposed to passivity than ever. In the event of my death, this Nancy Mergatroyd site and the Rev. Bookburn site at Blogspot - the only real Rev page - will continue in trustworthy hands. That has been made official. Even in death, there will be no silence in response to the psychostalker's fake page!

I absolutely love the support and communication that has risen from all this craziness. I agree that there would be a strong response if the perp was a man, and rightly so. If the actual perp was in any way struggling, I would believe in advocating or assisting the person in question with mental health support. When the subject is manageable and treatable, but chooses to be a vicious POS, then they deserve nothing. If such a person says I'll run your webpage, handle the merch, watch the store etc., do not trust. You may also need an exit plan. Fortunately, the psycho can only damage the absurd political views she pushes. We can all be entertained by not only her total lack of insight regarding her mental illness, but by her view that it is wise to push ideas on a fake page. We will continue to communicate with you about the psychos and assholes in your lives. Till next time.

--- Rev. Bookburn

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