Meet The Psycho - Nancy Mergatroyd

by Rev. Bookburn

For the first post, it seems fitting to provide an introduction to the psychostalker who runs a fake page bearing my name. Nancy Mergatroyd, a former friend, has been a perp of very real harassment, abuse, stalking and sabotage for several months. Her mental health issues are obvious to everyone in the picture. She has zero insight, however. One thing she writes that isn't bullshit is her having no clue that there is a problem.

Nancy is high functioning enough to be held responsible for her actions. There is no observable psychosis. It is fair to conclude that she is an asshole by choice. The recent years with social media have seen an intensification of the problem, but more on that in the future.

Her latest offering was also unintentionally funny. She actually used the word "integrity." A psychostalker and fake page operator making a statement about integrity should be in The Onion. If she starts doing home invasions, she could possibly provide comments about the design of the home. However, in my view, the pronouncements of a deranged asshole has no meaning. Nor her assessments of past or present friends. I choose how I discuss and debate politics in every sphere of my life. Additionally, a deranged asshole does not define the politics of friends or me. Especially someone who lives for hate and conflict. She has strictly become a shit-flinging machine.

Asking "why does Reverend Bookburn support MRAs" is staggeringly stupid, even for the psychostalker. I do not answer to a deranged asshole, but do want to emphasize that there has been no significant changes regarding my views. It's probably unnecessary to even say that, but I'm doing so in case even one person chooses to take the psycho seriously.

I love the feedback that I get regarding my statements in response to the psycho. However, I disagree with the common just ignore the asshole statements. Passivity from many of us has enabled a longtime pattern of abuses and a growing sickness.

Funny that it was an issue when I retweeted an article from a source she disapproved of. It was most definitely not an endorsement of the org and I found nothing wrong with article. But if we want to indulge the psycho for a minute, does that mean we are what we tweet? How often has the psycho posted articles from the New York Times? Hasn't that publication been one of the grandest cheerleaders for the Iraq War since before day one? If we sought to match her silliness the question would need to be raised: Why does Nancy Mergatroyd support the massive killing of Iraqi civilians by the Bushes, Clintons, Obama and Trump?

Politics is only partially relevant to this story. For years, I've had serious differences with friends, extended family and people in my professional life. Nancy is the only person from any political realm to go full psycho. I still feel lucky knowing so many amazing friends, Bookburners, caregivers, hospice workers and others who represent the best of humanity. There will never be a day when I am ok with a psycho using me as a vehicle to select, bait, abuse and pick fights with more people. All Nancy proved is that the twisted trump supporters do not have a monopoly of deranged assholes.

I have friends who like St. Hillary, but they are sane people who live without nuclear bombs in their heads. The specific views of the psycho aren't even relevant. A disturbed jihadist can land anywhere on the political spectrum. I am completely disinterested in dialogue or debate with her. There is no value in her writings and I don't need to hear a hostile screeching voice that has the effect of a loud fart during a symphony.

However, I do believe passivity has long enabled the problem. Is responding a solution? Who knows or cares? It does feel like justice while having fun in the process.

It is time to revive my call for creative ideas for a script. The Lifetime Channel loves to provide endless shows about psychos. There have already been fantastic ideas submitted. An idea that bears results may arise from all of this.

Original post: A Future Lifetime Channel Special?

In addition to the stalking and fake page, Nancy has also been called out more than once for racism on Tumblr. More on that later.

Anyway, this is the place where I will deal with the psycho. My main site will feature everything else. The Blogspot address remains the only legitimate Rev. Bookburn site. We'll continue to communicate with others about the psychos in their lives.

So.... why does Nancy Mergatroyd support the killing of Iraqi civilians by Republicans and Democrats?

--- Rev. Bookburn

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