Sarandon Derangement Syndrome

by Rev. Bookburn

I want to begin with someone's question that gave us a good laugh. No, I do not know of any formal diagnosis of "mental retardation (not my words)" regarding Nancy Mergatroyd. She does have an extensive history of stalking, harassment, fake websites, and a variety of other abusive behaviors. She is obviously mentally ill. However, there is no observable psychosis, so it is fair to conclude that she is an asshole by choice. Nobody who knew both of us believes her to have an abundance of brain power or ability to write.

Nancy's behaviors continue to this day. Some of her harassment, including a fake page and social media, centers on her hatred of Susan Sarandon. There are many people who are abusive to Susan. It is stating the obvious to acknowledge them as psychos. They represent a derangement syndrome similar to those of the Trumpers and white supremacists. The reason to address the derangement of Nancy is because she acts in my name on a fake site.

The absurd attacks of Susan - and the idiotic scapegoating regarding the Roe reversal - are the battle cries of the impotent. Rather than hold their sacred politicians accountable, the haters redirect their frustrations to a safe abuse target. Susan did not run for president with an anti-choice VP candidate. Susan did not rush to the aid of a corporate Democrat / anti-choice primary candidate within a week of the Roe leak. Susan did not use the reversal of Roe for fundraising.

Needless to say, Sarandon Derangement Syndrome provides plenty of laughs about psychos. In these crazy times, it does not seem wise to give too much attention to an unhinged parasite. However, passivity towards an abusive asshole is even worse.

Future postings will provide you plenty of laughs regarding Nancy's affliction with Sarandon Derangement Syndrome. We shall also provide excerpts from the psycho's book (see previous post).

--- Rev. Bookburn

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