Thank You!

by Rev. Bookburn

I am elated by the support and responses that are given regarding the psycho. Most people choose to communicate 'off the grid,' which is totally understandable. If this is all new to you, be sure to read Meet The Psycho.

The fact that the fake page that bears my name is used as a kind of tabloid-like political and gender statement makes it even more pathetic. Through a convoluted logic, Nancy the perp views what she is doing as relevant to other women. I began a humor piece for the re-launch of this site with the title: "End Mysogyny - Support a Woman's Right to be a Psychostalker!"

But I have to agree with a friend that what I am dealing with is so stupid, that responding point by point is silly. If I was still doing the radio show, this would obviously provide an abundance of comedy material. This definitely is providing ideas for a potential script or series on the Litetime Channel.

See A Future Lifetime Channel Special?

We are back and are definitely not silent, passive, or simply ignoring the psycho. The good news is that the stupidity will be responded to. The bad newa is that a parasite was fed attention and will predictably prompt for more.

To everyone who has been communicating: Thank You!

--- Rev. Bookburn

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