Nancy The Racist

by Rev. Bookburn

The psychostalker, Nancy Mergatroyd, has raised her batshit crazy head to attack the deceased again on the fake page that bears my name. At first it seemed like a good idea to rebut the Keyboard Karen. Then I thought about how my deceased friend would likely respond. It is highly likely that she would loudly laugh at the fact that I was feeding more attention to a pathetic parasite. That I was even acknowledging such a creature whom no one can either stand or take an interest in her deranged ramblings. Everyone in the cast of characters has known that she has long been a deranged asshole. Nancy Mergatroyd simply outed herself as a more crazed jihadist than anyone realized.

Amusingly, Nancy's attacks come from a perceived sense of superiority. In her words, she's "educating idiots." That is definitely a task that needs to begin in the home...for a very long time. When she escalated an argument with women of color on TUMBLR, she wasn't debating. She was insulting and threatening. After threatening lawsuits, Nancy actually accused them of organizing a "lynch mob" against her! You read that right. Obviously, that is not only extremely racist, but reveals Nancy to be an original Karen.

So...I've given more attention to an isolated parasite. However, a great support network sprung from this Lifetime Channel story. Others have believed that one can never respond to a psycho without kid gloves. My input is the opposite: none of us need to be passive and silent to the abuses of a deranged, grotesque pile of fecal matter.

---Rev. Bookburn

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